About Us

Instant Replay Sports opened its doors for business officially in April of 2006 with 2 retail stores and our on-line eBay store. From day one, we have been committed to offering a great selection of brand name, quality, pre-owned and new sports equipment and clothing to our retail store and on-line customers. By offering pre-owned options and great deals on new items we are still committed to making sure no one does not play the sport or activity they choose to because of the costs to acquire the necessary equipment/clothing.

We bring over 30 years of experience in the sporting goods industry to our stores and warehouse. Our stores and our on-line sales/shipping department are staffed by team members committed to providing quality customer service. We have the necessary product knowledge to answer your sports equipment/gear questions and put the correct products in your hands to meet your specific needs.

Every year, since we opened our doors in 2006, we have added more pre-owned and new equipment to our stores and on-line stores. Because of this expansion we realized we needed more space in our retail store. On March 19, 2012 we opened the doors in our new, bigger and better location, in the Triphammer Marketplace. We moved out of our Third Street location to this 2.5 times larger store that allows us to offer you a bigger selection in a much more convenient shopping area. We plan to expand our warehouse and shipping department later this year or in the spring of 2013 so we can continue to effectively meet the growing demands of our on-line business.

Who we are:

Larry VanOstrand

Larry VanOstrand

Owner and “Head Coach” of all operations

In December of 2004, the family-owned, 13-store, sporting goods company that I had worked for for nearly 18 years, Klein’s All-Sports, announced they would be closing all of their stores in February of 2005, after liquidating all of their merchandise. I knew then, my management position with them would no longer be an employment option. I have always loved the sporting goods industry and having spent the majority of my working life in this industry it made perfect sense to take over the operation of Instant Replay Sports in April of 2006. There was a local need for our retail stores in Ithaca and I committed to learning everything I could about making sales on-line so we could offer our products to anyone in the world. We now have 5 full-time team members and 4-6 part-time team members committed to meeting your sporting goods needs in our 3 operations.

“Please contact me personally via email or by phone at 607-280-1938 with any orders, questions, concerns or comments about our stores or your on-line experience, as I want to hear from you. I know listening to you is the best way for us to become a stronger company. Please let me know directly when we make mistakes and when we do things right as we need and appreciate your feedback” …Larry VanOstrand.

Jeff Hopkins

Jeff Hopkins

Manager of our Triphammer Marketplace location

Jeff has over 20 years experience in the sporting goods industry. He is committed to providing a great shopping experience for you by maintaining a clean, neat, well organized store with trained team members to provide you the information and answers to your questions. He wants to make sure you have a positive shopping experience and you end up with the item(s) that meet your specific needs. Contact Jeff directly at the 607-277-7366 phone number to answer any of your questions.